All About Doulaship Podcast

Episode 9: The Birthwork Cycle

April 15, 2019 Nichole Virag Season 1 Episode 9
All About Doulaship Podcast
Episode 9: The Birthwork Cycle
Show Notes

Today we talk with Nichole Virag. Nichole is a birth doula and birth photographer here in WNY. Before birth work she worked with trauma survivors as a social worker and that work really informs what she does as a doula. Then she started doing birth photography as a way to help families who want to process their births through images instead of words.

We talked about many things but I especially want to detail here the different tools that she uses within her birthwork. Dubsado is her client management program that allows her to invoice, email, and keep her to-do list organized. Wave Financial's mobile application is what she uses to track her personal and business finances. Lastly she uses Squarespace as her website host.

Nichole's book recommendation for couples is The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
Her book recommendation for Doulas is Birth Work as Care Work by Alana Apfel